5 Biggest Fears When You Buy Jewellery Online And How To Tackle Them

Although shopping online is convenient, there are a lot of concerns that we have regarding safety, genuineness, quality, etc. Shopping for jewellery online doesn’t necessarily have to be as fearsome as it seems to be. This article talks about how you can tackle those fears and shop for your favourite pieces of jewellery stress-free.
We love online shopping and all the benefits it has to offer. No more stepping out and getting the products delivered to our doorstep. Shopping was never so comfortable. But, when it comes to shopping for pricey jewellery online, we still have our fears. What if the seller is a fraud, or what if the diamonds we purchase are fake? These fears are overpowering.
However, there are ways you could tackle these fears. Just a little forethought and research can save you from a blunder and get you genuine products in no time, without having to step out.
Read on to find out how you can tackle the most common fears relating to buying jewellery online.
Genuineness Of The Store
One of the biggest fears that keep us from buying jewellery online is the fear of dealing with a fraudulent store. No one, even in their worst nightmares, wants to spend thousands of rupees on fake jewellery and then regret it later.
However, there is a way you could find out if the seller you are dealing with is genuine or not.
Check the website’s security status in the address bar. If it says ‘Secure’, then you are good to go.
Also, the connection type with ‘HTTPs’ tag is more secure than the ‘HTTP’, which is more common.
Once you have verified all this, you can be assured that the website is genuine, and you can deal with them.
2. Genuineness Of The Jewellery
Another primary reason we refrain from buying jewellery online is that it is hard to be sure of the authenticity and quality of the products being sold.
One way to tackle this fear is to check the details present on the website thoroughly. Like in the case of gold jewellery, check if the site mentions the carats- 14, 18, 22, or 24. And in the case of diamonds, the colour, the size, clarity, and other details have to be present on the website.
3. Guarantee/ Authentication Certificate-
When purchasing jewellery from physical retailers, we always demand certificates that prove the authentication of products we are buying, and a guarantee that they are genuine. This is however not the case in online stores. You neither get to speak to a person or check for yourself if the product is real. However, you can always look for “Hallmark” Jewellery and items that come with Jewellery certificates.
Moreover, to overcome this fear, take a tour of the seller’s website. It is most likely that if the seller isn’t fake and selling unreal goods, they would have surely mentioned if their products come with a ‘Guarantee Certification’. And if they do, then you are good to go.
4. Secured Payment Methods And Shipping
Online transactions are always deemed risky because of the online payments, especially when you buy jewellery online, which in most cases is expensive.
Before you check out with the final product, find out what are the payment methods the website is offering, and if they are secured. The site should be willing to accept all types of debit/ credit cards, use a secured payment gateway, and should be verified. Additionally, find out if they provide free shipping, and if insurance is a part of the price you pay for the jewellery you purchase. You do not want to take any kind of risks in these regards.
5. Return Policy
Last but certainly not the least, the fear of not being able to return the expensive products you purchased always puts us off when planning on making a transaction like this.
While you take the tour of the website, find out what Return Policy does the site has in store for its customers. There are cases when you do not like what you order, and there could also be sizes issue when buying rings or bangles. And, therefore most stores these days have a well laid out return policy, with money back guarantees.
In case you have any issue, you can always get in touch with the customer care and find out how a matter can be solved.
Shopping online these days isn’t as scary as it was until a few years back. Online stores are now thriving to provide its customers with the best services possible, and in some cases, they prove to be better than the physical stores. All you have to do is, find the right store!

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