Advantages and The Disadvantage Of using French Press machine At Home

It is obvious that we are not the same and everyone has his/her own preference as far as coffee preparation is concerned. However, the French press is currently among the most used method for brewing cup of coffee. There are different methods but the French press is mostly recognized due to its many benefits. Here are some the beneficial reasons why most prefer to use it:

Benefits of Using French Press

If you’ve never used French Press machine to brew a cup of coffee, then you should at least change your routine just a little bit for the best. Actually, you need discover how incredible to have a taste for a cup of coffee brewed using French press machine, which most people have not yet find out because they just think every coffee maker is good. u

Therefore, if you’ve decided to buy French Press online, you have to look for coffee beans so that you can use your coffee press machine at home. But you have to make sure the grind you are using offer you coarse results. Once you’ve got a fresh ground coffee, all will be simpler to achieve a cup of coffee.

Features of French Press Machine

While using a coffee press machine you have to decide the suitable temperature you need for your coffee. Besides choosing the right temperature, you need to know the exact requirements for brewing coffee. For many types of French press machine, you will have to leave the coffee for more than 4 minutes but if you prefer it lighter, then you should leave it for 2 minutes.

Also, you don’t have to use the filter, this is another feature you have to consider since your coffee can have too many aromatic oils which is the main cause of making the coffee robust and more unique.

How to use French press coffee maker

 If you want to brew the perfect coffee, you have to make sure that the water is boiled thoroughly so as pour it over a fresh ground coffee in a French press. Once add the boiled water, stir it a little bit to scatter the beans and then cover it with the lid so that the coffee can offer its flavor away. When you are eventually comfortable and satisfied with the time, plunge your coffee carefully to prevent small beans bits in the cup.

Drawbacks Results from using a French press

Even though the French press is known as the best way of brewing coffee, it comes with various advantages, especially during the time of cleaning the coffee cups that typically contain grounds. To have a French Press may look like overworking yourself but it is not too much as you may think especially when you consider the goodness it offers. If you intend to minimize the quantity of ground you get from your coffee, then you need to use the conical grinder and prefer coarse grind.


Remember to get your coffee press today and also you shouldn’t forget that it all depends on what you like most. Also, to have French Coffee machine can allow regulating various coffee aspects so that it can come with unique results.

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