How to make cocktails for Christmas

It is approaching the Christmas and one of the best ways to celebrate the holidays is to make a good dinner with drinks to match. You can make many different cocktails to celebrate Christmas with your guests and spend the best night of the year laughing and having an incredible time. For that reason, we are going to show you a great variety of different Christmas cocktails, both those that are perfect for these dates and those that work throughout the year.

You will need to:


  • Ingredients for each cocktail
  • Friends to share these magnificent drinks
  • Cocktails that work all year

Cocktails that work all year

There are cocktails and drinks that can be prepared throughout the year and always please the guests. Some of the most typical ones that you most like, can be the cosmopolitan, a Mojito or a good Gin and Tonic with cucumber. In order to prepare some of these drinks it can be very useful to have a shaker.

The Manhattan Milk

The Manhattan Milk is a cocktail that is made through the combination of juices or tonic with the Bourbon, also called American whiskey, which is characterized by being a distilled drink of caramel flavor. Check here to see how to prepare a Manhattan Milk in a simple way.

The White Christmas Dream

The white Christmas Dream cocktail is very good and easy to prepare, all you need is a shaker and put about 30 ml of amaretto or apricot liqueur, 30 ml of double cream and another 30 ml of vodka. You shake everything very well in the shaker with some ice cubes and serve it, then add a little pinch of nutmeg and you will see that combined more good.

Cocktail with cava

If you are tired of using the cava to give each year, we invite you to prepare this different cocktail for the New Year’s Eve … or to celebrate the New Year’s entrance. How it could be otherwise, the star ingredient of this cocktail is the cava.

Thanksgiving Cocktail

Even if you do not celebrate Thanksgiving, this cocktail of the same name will be much appreciated at any autumn or winter party. Of course, it does not contain turkey, pumpkin or stewed corn but several alcohols, including Geneva.

Another drink with cava

If sangria is the summer drink, cava sangria is the queen of summer nights: elegant, refreshing and seductive. It is not necessary to use a Dom Perpignan champagne, or an excessively expensive liquor like some great Reserve cognac. A good cava and a simple cognac from a good brand like Remy Martin will be enough to get a spectacular cava sangria.

Cranberry Kiss Cocktail

To prepare this drink you have to mix in a glass with ice the 180 ml of cranberry juice with 30 ml of orange sumo, you finish filling the base with the sparkling water and finish to give the different touch with an orange slice. We assure you that it is a very good Christmas cocktail for this occasion.

Christmas Pacific

The first thing you have to do is put 45 ml of tequila, three teaspoons of lemon juice, 15 ml of grenadine and ice in the blender. Put the blender at low speed until the ice is well chopped and served in a few glasses that you previously put in the freezer to keep the drink colder. Finally put a slice of the lemon skin to decorate.

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We recommend that you drink with caution, since many of these cocktails are very soft but then the alcohol ends up going up a lot.

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