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Make Your Winter Style Statement Rocking These Accessories 

Winter. The temperatures plummet. The snow falls. Ice covers every nook and cranny. You truly have to want to go out to make the effort to pile on the requisite layers to remain thawed. And what about all those layers? They can make the most willowy woman resemble a NFL linebacker. Rather than stay in, pick up these fabulous finds to wear throughout winter to feel toasty and look terrific.

Underneath It All

The key to all day warmth without the linebacker look starts with your under garments. Look for flannel or thinsulate lined undershirts, camisoles and boy shorts or leggings. You can still look good under it all without trading comfort and warmth.

Love Your Layers

Layer a lighter shirt or top beneath a toasty sweater. You’ll feel cozy outdoors and can shed the sweater while still looking great indoors, if desired.

Gentlemen can layer a matching polo shirt beneath a sweater for a tried and true look. Shopping online at stores like swap. com saves you time, money and hassle since your new clothes get delivered to your door. A crisp, white dress shirt beneath a sweater also makes an ideal layered look. Either look blends seamlessly with khakis, flannel- or wool-lined jeans – in black or traditional blue. Of course, at work or for dressier occasions, a suit provides snazzy layers. Add a vest for added snappy sizzle. Three piece suits can never truly go out of style.

Women benefit from a multitude of fashionable options. Twinsets provide a monochromatic layering option. Pair with matching slacks or skirt for a smashing look that also slims. Borrow from the boys and wear the sweater over polo look. Mix contrasting materials noted for warmth, such as a silk blouse beneath a tweed or wool blazer. Pair it with wool slacks for optimum warmth without bulk.

Accessories with Extra Oomph

What’s a good outfit without the little extras that make it great? This season offers a winter wonderland of accessories to keep you hot in more way than one. Don’t ignore your head, hands or feet. The human body looses the most body heat through the head, hands and feet.

The Neckline

Scarves do much more than warm up your neck. They compliment the neckline of a dress or sweater while providing a complementary or contrasting color to your outfit. The choice is yours. Go beyond traditional wool to try a faux fur topper or wrap. Toppers change the look of the sweater or top, enhancing the neckline with details.


Keep your fingers happy in mitts, mittens or gloves. If you’ll be outdoors a lot and need form plus functioning fingers, try convertible fingerless glove/mittens. Called pop-top gloves, you can remove the tops for a fingerless gloved look that makes it easy to use your smartphone. Pop the tops back on for the toasty warmth of mittens. Pair a pair of long gloves with your evening look.


Under dresses, pair a thick pair of leggings with boots or pumps. Use a smooth, footed legging with pumps. Paired with boots, try a ribbed knit legging look. It’s like a sweater for your legs. With slacks or jeans, throw on a thick pair of wool socks. As traditional as it sounds, wool socks let you express your playful nature. You might picture the navy blue knee socks of a parochial school uniform, but instead imagine a bright electric blue, a bevy of turquoise and sky blue stripes or the intricate print from a favorite wool sweater.

You can choose from ankle height to thigh height wool socks. The latter looks great peeking out above leather boots. Boot toppers provide another method of leg warming. The added bonus is that purchasing a few various toppers in brown, black and colored faux fur makes it look as if you bought out the shoe store. Really, you’re extending a single pair of nice boots all winter long with a multitude of looks. Spending less, staying warmer and looking smashing – what a lovely way to spend the snowy months.


Top your look, literally, with a hat. Men or women can wear a knit cap. Both genders also have a plethora of choices when it comes to dressy hats. Try on everything from bowlers to fedoras and see what works on you. Whatever looks good on you and keeps you warm makes it the right choice for you. Make sure it covers your ears for optimum comfort.

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