So Minimalist, Enjoyable And Simplistic My Wedding Was That You Also Want To Do

I am going to share my story of wedding with you. You must be thinking why I’m sharing? I’m sharing because I want to. There is no specific reason behind it. My name is Garima and I live here in Mumbai with my husband and one baby. He is banker here in the city. I got married last year with all the pomp and show I wanted in my wedding and it was one of the best memories of my life that could not forget. Everything was of my interest in the wedding. I tell you what I did in my wedding. All the planning my family did but the final decision was mine.

I wanted to do something different in my wedding so we planned something unique because I wanted all the guests to be surprised by every element I was going to have. First I start with wedding decoration.

Wedding venue and decoration: The wedding venue that we selected was a near-by park which is near my father’s home. We used to play there and it was also given on rent for wedding, still is. So we booked this park for the wedding venue which is full of greenery and green-art, mean tree and bushes were cut in various shapes. So it was totally a perfect location. I wanted to go minimalist so we didn’t that much hype-up the venue. Decorative long tassels we made of various threads and brown-tying ropes. We colored them by dipping them into various colors and then laid it on trees and bushes with lights. Some hang also. Somewhere we also used yellow flower garlands. We broke into various pieces and hang it on the gate and other areas. The whole wedding location was looking nice. And in wedding decoration what we used, only yellow and orange flowers garlands, colored ropes and lights. Where all the ceremonies were going to take place, we decorated it with white and yellow curtains.

And at different places we also hang the pre-wedding pictures of us telling our love story and other things like bride likes these things, groom likes these things provided guests didn’t lose the interest.

Mehndi and Sangeet ceremony: During the mehndi ceremony, various simple mehndi designs that we chose last night before the starting of the wedding, we used them all on our hands and feet. Something unusual and different we also tried. Including me and all the bridesmaids had mehndi tattoo on our faces too. They looked elegant like I got “Bindi” drawn on the center of my forehead, which looked permanent. And my other friends also tried different mehndi designs which were not traditional.

For sangeet ceremony, we prepared the different snacks like the Indian version of burger including all our desi foods especially Gujarati varieties of dishes we had and its crunchy snacks like Khandvi, Dhokla, Fafda, Chakli, Gulab Jamun, and modak.

Final wedding day: For my final wedding day, I did not shop much instead wore my mother’s wedding dress and bought outfits only those that I can wear in day to day life and some party wears also. But like other girls, I didn’t spend much amount of wedding outfits instead saved the money.

Only a hundred guests were there in the wedding, closed ones and relatives, in front of all of them, I with my groom took pheras (Indian marriage tradition) around pious Agni (fire). So simple, enjoyable and simplistic my wedding was.

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