Top 5 Romantic gift ideas for her on GiftsbyMeeta

Whether you are looking for the gifts for anniversary or Valentine’s Day, the expectations can be high from you. If you are low on a budget, you can still make that special day unique without spending much.

Always remember that it’s the feeling and thoughts that counts and not the money if you put all your efforts in it. Crafting or creativity might be something that you can’t do, but there are still the ideas for romantic gifts for girlfriend that can be made by anyone.

Show her that you care by presenting something unique and thoughtful.

Hometown Tourism

If your girlfriend dreams of going on a vacation out somewhere, she’ll be disappointed if you just gift her roses. Instead, make her dream come true. Look up for the tourism in your city or town and hotspots where you both can go for 2-3 days. Book a hotel and breakfast and surprise her with a getaway.

Scrabble Love

Get your inside nerd on by giving your girl a thoughtful, sweet and geeky gift. If you have the game of Scrabble, get the supply of tiles or ask your family members or friends to donate some.

Pick out the letters that spell your girlfriend’s and your names and buy a cheap frame. Arrange it so that the names can intersect. Use the glue to stick those letters to the cardboard with structure. Decorate it with flowers, photos, etc. This is one of the best gifts for anniversary that you can consider giving your girlfriend. Hang it on the wall and show it to everyone.

Homemade Chocolates

The chocolates or sweets that you buy from shops are total waste of money when you can just make it at home by yourself. Even if you don’t know anything about it, put some of the homemade chocolate candies as a gift for her.

Start by keeping square crunchy or classic shaped on the baking sheet and then place the candy on each of them. Heat it in the oven for five to six minutes until the chocolates get soft. Take it out and press the pecan and let it allow to set. You’ll get the impressive results, and your girlfriend will only ask you to bake some of the chocolates for her.

Historical Tour

Each of the couples has history. Unfortunately, many guys don’t tend to remember it. Try to think about those four or five locations that you both love or where you guys first met, the first date or first kissed. It is one of the perfect romantic gifts for girlfriend to walk down on the memory lane.

Car Decor

Whether it is a birthday, anniversary or whatever day, your girl expects everything. If it’s the special day, better start the day right, so she knows that you have planned something for her. A beautiful message on her car will work if she goes to work every morning.

Use the marker to decorate the windows with cute and sweet messages. Make sure to help her later to clean everything.

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